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Van: Yesaya Musukwa
Verzonden: vr 03-12-2010 19:44
Onderwerp: Fw: letter from nachoma Odini Malawi Foundation
Chisenga Irrigation Project
County: Malawi
Region: North
District: Chitipa
T/A: Mwenewenya
Area: Chisenga
Village: Nachoma
Altitude: + 900 – 1.000 meters above sea level
The feasibility study of the project took place in the month of May, 2009 by Watec, Water and Technology Company, based in Blantyre, conducted by Mr. Mandowa, the general manager. The borehole was drilled on the 3rd of September 2009 at a depth of 45 meters by 125 mm diameter and furnished with casings on the same day.
The Nachoma Community, which comprises of more than 90 households, got thrilled as they heard about the new dynamic, modern project of irrigation, using solar power.
Basically people were not really convinced that the project will be implemented, since several projects have failed before from other quarters that were good at making false promises.
Odini Foundation has been a shining organization in the region as it has broken the record by launching this wonderful project. Whereby it has been a benchmark within the area and beyond the borders of both Zambia to the west and Tanzania to the north-east.
The project has indeed created a tremendous impact to the society, animal husbandry and crop production.
The community has really benefited from this project, whereby they have opened a new chapter by cultivating their gardens using water powered by solar panels. Each and every household is enjoying so well by planting series of crops such as tomatoes, cabbages, maize, pumpkins, beans as well as peas. This has greatly improved the health status of the beneficiaries due to the high availability of foodstuff for family consumption.
It has also been witnessed that the surplus is used as a source of income, selling them. People will be traveling from all walks of life to come and buy farm produce from Nachoma Village, due to this wonderful project.
The other part of the area, have been planted with grass for cattle feeds, that is almost 2 hectares which caters more than 20 heads of cattle, which have been suffering before the installation of the pump. Cattle were all at the carcass grade due to the grass scarcity during dry season and they were absolutely in a very poor state of health. The exotic grass planted, has got good nutrition and is very rich in minerals and meanwhile they look energetic and powerful compared to previous dry seasons. We are able to get enough milk from the five cows which have got calves and we sell some and keep some money in our profit account.
Above all the village headman on behalf of the community is so thankful for the heartily- felt gesture, which has really put the village recognized within Chitipa and beyond the region. We are so proud just because of your love and understanding of our concerns. This marks the new dimension and legacy of this prolific and dynamic scheme which hasn’t been there before. The scheme is a fountain of power, hope and effectiveness of an engine of human resources. Meanwhile, water is used both for irrigation and domestic purposes. The households used to walk such long distances fetching water, but it is a story of the past now. Water is found now and pumped in huge volume and we are greatly motivated by using them accordingly.
The community instituted the committee which overlooks the day to day endeavors of our undertakings. It is so powerful that it has got very strong rules and regulations which govern the running of the affairs. Our internal controls are also strong that we have got watchmen, who safeguard and protect the materials installed at the site.
The project has also attracted learning institutions within the area which has been paying education visits now and again. It has also added the beauty of the area as it looks evergreen.
We are very optimistic that the farm will be expanded yearly as many people are interested to cultivate plants for their personal benefits. The committee has passed a motion before the beneficiaries that there will be a reasonable amount of money which will be needed as a subscription fee, yearly. Besides that, members will be required to contribute quarterly for the contingency sake of the accessories and spare parts. We believe that we can ably make it in case of simple breakdown of the system. The committee will also engage a qualified agricultural officer, who will train all the members about the irrigation system and how to operate the portable pvc-pipes. Every member is significantly happy with the measures put in place.
As a chairman, on behalf of the members, I would like to thank the donor, particularly the people of the Netherlands for the remarkable support which you have rendered to the people of Malawi, particularly the Nachoma residents. You are all most welcome to come and pay us a visit and see on your own the progress of the scheme. You really have broken a record of the century in the country and beyond the neighboring countries.
May God bless you all and bless your beloved country, The Netherlands.
Yesaya Musukwa
Manager of Odini Foundation, Chisenga, Nachoma Village.